French Music for Accordion – Vol.1
Componist / auteur:
Bewerker / co-auteur:
Hallar Larry
Uitgever / merk:
Mel Bay

One of the most melodic and romantic genres of music is that found on the streets of Paris as played on the musette. Larry Hallar has artfully crafted keyboard accordion solo arrangements from 25 favorite French musette compositions. These are wonderful solo pieces for any accordionist, and convey the lyrical beauty and romance characteristic of the genre.

  • Accordeon-Samba Performed by Jean Peyronnin
  • Fugitive Valse Performed by M. Ferdedo
  • Back To Bach Performed by Andre Pate & Jacky Noguez
  • Adios Sevilla Paso Doble Performed by Tony Murena & Jacques Chanzol
  • Senorita Rosita Paso Doble Performed by Jules Nicoli
  • Rapid' (Polka) Performed by Fredo Gardoni
  • D'la Valse Dans Ma Musette Performed by Andre Verchuren & Rene Denoncin
  • Eugenie De La Bastille Java Performed by Jo Privat
  • La Cigoula Paso Doble Performed by Tony Murena, A. Baldi
  • Ma Rose D'alsace (Tango) Performed by Robert Trabucco & Maurile Denoux
  • Trompette - Musette Java Valse Performed by Andre Verchuren & Jomoutet
  • La Grande Ronde Performed by Robert Milesi
  • Les Temps Finis Performed by Jo Privat & Aimable
  • Accordeon Polka Performed by Tony Murena & Pascal Groffe
  • Comet' Valse Performed by Raymond Siozaye
  • Isula Di Sognu (Ile De Reve) Performed by Bruno Lorenzowi
  • Fantaisie - Polka
  • Fleur De Paris (Flower Of Paris) Performed by Honri Bourjayre
  • Perles De Cristal Fantaisie Polka Performed by Georges Hamel
  • En Coup De Vent Java Performed by Albert Huard
  • Alhambra Paso Doble Performed by Albert Huard
  • Au Sommet Du Cervin Valse Performed by Michel Geney & Jose Marka
  • Calinerie Valse Performed by Andre Verchuren
  • On Danse A La Villette Valse Masette Performed by Emile Lardara
  • Radio Valse, Valse Brillante Pour Accordeon Performed by Albert Huard & S. Deplechin

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