Flötenserenaden, Op.77a, 141a (Study score)

Componist / auteur:
Max Reger
2 Violen en altviool - Dwarsfluit, viool en altviool
Uitgever / merk:
Henle Verlag

“It is quite clear to me what is missing from today’s music: a Mozart!” With his trios which he consciously kept in a classical manner, Reger hoped to prove the contrary to the “ignorant people”, who for their part accused him of “a lack of feeling” and being too “complicated”. The instrumentation for his serenades op. 77a and 141a is rather distinctive: he omits the lower registers, opting for the bright tones of the flute, violin and viola to outline joyful musical figures and catchy melodies. Reger’s own style cannot however be mistaken. These two serenades, which are technically not overly demanding, are not only suited for concert performances but also offer a welcome change for those engaging in spontaneous chamber music.

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