Accordion Music from Around the World
Componist / auteur:
Bewerker / co-auteur:
Frank Zucco
Uitgever / merk:
Mel Bay

This rousing accordion solo collection contains 58 favorites from Europe, South America, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and the Baltic countries. Titles are shown in both their respective native languages and in English. All selections are written on the grand staff and suggested accompaniment chords are provided.

  • A Briv Fun Amerike, A Letter From America (Jewish)
  • Aja Lejber Man, I'm A Labor Man
  • Aja Lejber Man, I'm A Labor Man (Slovakia)
  • Ako Ay Pilipino, I Am A Philipino (Philippines)
  • Amerika-Rossiya, American Russia (Russia)
  • Amerikafeber, America Fever (Norway)
  • An Einen Auswanderer, To An Emigrant (Switzerland)
  • Andante Cantabile
  • Auf Der Cimbria, On Board The Cimbria (Germany)
  • Boccherini's Menuetto (Italy)
  • Bog Da Bie Koj Prv Pojde, God Punishes He Who Goes
  • Cucul Tsutsul (Yugoslavia)
  • Dall' Italia Noi Siamo Partiti (Italy)
  • Dark-Eyes (Russian)
  • Duermete, Nino Lindo - Oh Sleep, My Little Baby (M
  • Ein Mannlein Steht In Walde (Germany)
  • Elaman Varrelta, In The Course Of Life (Finland)
  • Elindultam Szep Hazambol, I Left My Nice Country (
  • Espana (Spain)
  • Fevgho Glikia, I'm Leaving Now (Greece)
  • Gu Ma Slan Do Na Fearaibh, Good Health To The Hero
  • Hay Nazanem Yarer, Hey My Dear Friends (Armenia)
  • Hazasodik A Tucsok, The Cricket's Wedding (Hungary
  • Il Sirio (Italy)
  • Izgnanik, The Exile (Bulgaria)
  • Jak Jechalem Z Ameriki, America - I Was Leaving (P
  • Kampuchea Aphaop, Poor Cambodia (Cambodia)
  • Kolumbus, Ich Hob Tsu Dir Gornit (Jewish)
  • Krasna Amerika, Pretty America (Czech)
  • Langt Udi Skoven, Deep In The Forest (Denmark)
  • Le Carbbeau Et Le Renard, The Crow And The Fox (Fr
  • Lincoln-Visan, Lincoln Song (Sweden)
  • March Slav
  • Melody In F
  • Mi Caballo Blanco, My White Horse (Chile)
  • Mon Papa, My Papa (France)
  • Moyi Mamtsia Doma, My Mother Is At Home (Ukraine)
  • Nun Ist Die Scheidestunde (Germany)
  • Ny Vise Fra Udvandrene (Denmark)
  • O Emigrante, The Emigrant (Portugal)
  • O Mraki, The Evening Bell (Slovenia)
  • O Yero Amerikanos, The Old American (Greece)
  • Oleana (Norway)
  • Opusceny Banik Z Wilks Barrock, The Lonely Miner (
  • Oy Nema To Na Svetse, What A Most Delightful Life
  • Pilipinas, Ang Bayan Ko (Philippines-My Native Lan
  • Proshchai, Rossiya - Farewell Russia (Russia)
  • Reisaavaisen Laulu Ameriikan (Finland)
  • Sirotek (Czech)
  • Song Of The Holland Americans (Holland)
  • Tamo Daleko, So Far Away (Serbia)
  • Tarantella No. 3 (Italy)
  • Tin Idha Ti Ksanthoula, I Saw My Dear Ksanthoula (
  • Varssyja Sielta Ja Taalta, Here And There (Finland
  • Voici' L' Hiver Bientot Passe (France)
  • Volga Boatmen's Song (Russian)
  • Wilno Boys (Poland)
  • Zasvit' Mi, Ty Slunko Zlate (Czech)
  • Zavicaju Mili Kraju, My Dear Homeland (Croatia)

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