Fundación Segovia
Componist / auteur:
Mourat Jean-Maurice
Uitgever / merk:
Les Productions D'Oz

Unquestionably, my favorite sorts of pieces to review are the ones that I immediately take into my own performing repertoire. This one is such a piece. Mourat is a French composer who now lives in Andalusia, a man who has been knighted by the Prime Minister of France in recognition of his musical contributions in his homeland and abroad. The dedicatee of this suite is Don Alberto Poveda, head of the Segovia Foundation (Fundacion Segovia). The three movements are the somewhat melancholic Museo, a charming Barcarola, and a very lively Danza Andaluza. It's unlikely that Segovia himself would have willingly come within ten meters of any of this music, though (just perhaps) the Barcarola would have been tolerable. The Danza is almost certainly too flamencoficated for his tastes. No matter, it makes a wonderful finale for a recital, full of vigor and Iberian passion. Intermediate level players will be able to make a good showing of this one.

David Norton (Soundboard Magazine)

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