12 Duos

Componist / auteur:
Rudolf Jaggi
Sopraanblokfluit en altblokfluit
Uitgever / merk:
Nepomuk Verlag

Concealed behind the inconspicuous title "12 Duos" are short and entertaining pieces for two players of equal skills. Each piece has a specific character and treats a particular musical question. The poetic titles provide important clues for the interpretation of the pieces. In recitals, the duos can be performed in their entirety as a suite - even though a selection is both plausible and possible. Rudolf Jaggi was active in Basel for many years as a music teacher and obtained several awards for his works. The swing character of a number of duos testifies to his sideline as a jazz musician.

Table of contents :

  • Tanz
  • Straßenmusikanten
  • Zwiegesang
  • Spaziergang
  • Im Nebel
  • Hin und her
  • Jonglieren
  • Streit
  • Besänftigung
  • Übermut
  • Schmetterlinge
  • Nachklang

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