Componist / auteur:
Ray Pool
Uitgever / merk:
Vanderbilt Music

Using small melodic fragments from familiar nursery rhymes, folk, patriotic and hymn tunes, the needs of music students of many levels are met. Instead of using "Do, Re, Mi..." to identify the notes in the scale, the numbers 1 through 7 are employed. Melodies are categorized by range. Beginning with a range of only three notes, the groups progress through a total of nine categories.

For beginning students, it is possible to locate strings on the harp (or the notes on any other instrument, as well) by number in order to play melodies before actual skills in note reading are addressed.

For intermediate students, melodies can be learned in the key of C and then transposed to other keys simply by identifying the pitches of the new scale by number and then proceeding in the same fashion.

For advanced students, harmony can be added to accompany the tunes in multiple keys. A "Harmonic Resource" is given at the end of the book to provide chord information in six different major keys. Those who can already play from a fake book will be able to use this information easily to play the same melody in more than one key.

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