Frozen Planet
Componist / auteur:
Sam Gevers
Uitgever / merk:
Metropolis Music Publishers
  • Percussion ensemble (15 p.)
  • Level: Difficult
  • Duration: +/- 13 minutes

    Compulsory piece for the 2016 Dutch Percussion ensemble Contest (

    Bitterly cold winds whip across the snowy plains of Siberia. Storms rage over the deserted landscape. The desolate polar regions are subject to the forces of nature. Occasionally the earth moans when ice bergs tend to melt. But these seemingly barren landscapes are also home to a diversity of wildlife. The ice cold Arctic waters swarm with life. The Northern Lights are the most beautiful and mystifying color spectacles of the world. A big snow owl spreads its wings and beholds the impressive frozen plains. Discover the harsh but magnificent world of snow and ice. Welcome to the "Frozen planet".


  • Glockenspiel (+Singing glass on C)
  • Xylophone (+Singing glasses on F, E)
  • Vibraphone
  • Marimba 1 (4 1/3 octave, 3 mallets)
  • Marimba 2 (4 1/3 octave, 4 mallets)
  • Marimba 3 (5 octave, 2 mallets)
  • Tubular bells
  • Timpani
  • Percussion 1: Piatti, Gong, Caxixi, Shaker, Cabasa, Singing glass on Bb, G
  • Percussion 2: Windmachine, Tamtam (ev. shared with 1), Claves, Tambourine, Cabasa, Octobans, Singing glass on Bb, G
  • Percussion 3: Low tomtom, Finger cymbals, Gong (ev. shard with 1,2)
  • Percussion 4: Whip, Suspended cymbal, Small triangel, Splash cymbal, Tamtam (ev. shared with 1), Cabasa (ev. shard with 2), Ride cymbal
  • Percussion 5: Piatti (ev. shared with 1), Bongos, Temple blocks, Barchimes, Large triangel, Shaker
  • Percussion 6: Orchestra Bass drum, Tambourine (ev. shared with 2)
  • Drumset

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